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Museveni Meets Ex Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi

Mbabazi and Museveni at Kisozi farm

Is President Museveni and former Prime Minister back to working together? That is the question in the political circles following a meeting of the two on Tuesday at Museveni’s farm in Kisozi.

Through his social media, Museveni shared a picture seated alongside Mbabazi and announced their rendezvous. The President did not, however, share what was discussed.

Recently, there have been rumours that Mbabazi is likely to bounce back in Museveni’s NRM party and a big position awaits. The rumours were quelled when he missed on the list of Museveni’s reshuffled cabinet. The new meeting has reopened the speculation that Mbabazi is on the way back into Museveni’s wing, a claim Mbabazi’s family dismisses.

Mbabazi’s daughter, Racheal Ciconco Mbabazi was not long ago appointed as the Chairperson Board of Directors of National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC), another signal that Mbabazi and the President might have rekindled their relationship.

Mbabazi contested against Museveni in the previous Presidential elections in 2016.




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