Saturday, August 8, 2020
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120 More People Isolated Over Coronavirus Fears

A total of 120 people have been asked to stay in isolation for a period of two weeks after being linked with coronavirus.

According to Emmanuel Ainebyona, the health ministry spokesperson the people have not yet shown any symptoms of coronavirus, and as such, they have not been quarantined.

“We have a thermal scanner and the moment one arrives into immigration, it scans your temperature and if it is raised, you are monitored and sometimes isolated within your place of residence,” Ainebyoona told the press on Tuesday.

According to a situational report released on Tuesday by the health ministry, 220 who include Chinese Nationals and Ugandans had been also isolated after they arrived in the country between Sunday and Tuesday morning.

Uganda has not yet registered any case of coronavirus though.

Last week, the ministry released 100 people who had been quarantined at Entebbe and others isolated in their homes after they were monitored for two weeks and found free of the disease.