Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Corona Virus: Americans, British To be Sprayed Before Entering Uganda

The Ministry of Health is considering to spray all travellers who will jet into the country as they disembark from the planes. This was announced on Wednesday by the Minister of Health Dr Ruth Jane Aceng.

Aceng also advised travellers from Italy, San Marion, Iran, South Korea, France, China, Germany, Spain, USA, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Austria & Malaysia to consider postponing non-essential travel to Uganda.

The ministry had earlier announced a travel ban to seven countries, but now the ban has been extended to more countries as highlighted above. The number now stands at 16.

Aceng said if people travelling from those countries insist to travel to Uganda they will be subjected to self-quarantine or institutional quarantine at their own cost for 14 days even if they show signs of COVID-19.

The Ministry classifies countries in three categories with ones that have registered more cases of coronavirus classified in category one, those with few cases in category two and those that haven’t registered any case in category three.

Countries in category three will undergo the routine screening upon arrival and be advised accordingly on the measures to undertake while in the country to prevent infection and where to report if not feeling well.