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Eddy Kenzo Speaks Out on Coronavirus Claims

Over the weekend, rumours started swirling that musician Eddy Kenzo had tested positive for coronavirus. The rumours were supported with a picture of the singer lying on a hospital bed. Kenzo has, however, dismissed the claims.

“I’m sick but not corona and I will be fine InshAllah. I have bad ulcers and to make matters worse, people here love preparing foods that have lots of oils, and chilli. That is what has caused me trouble,” he said in a Facebook post.

“I got a chance to meet some good Ugandans here Uganda. My brother Raga Dee connected me to his sister Ritah and her husband they are very good people. They are the ones who took me to the hospital.”

He says he has started eating Ugandan food and that he is OK although there is still some weakness.

“They checked corona, Malaria and were all negative so I will be fine.”