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Tumukunde Denied Bail


The High Court has on Tuesday turned down the bail request of former Security Minister, Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde.

Justice Wilson Kwesiga denied Tumukunde bail two grounds. First, Kwesiga said: “I am not able to prove how substantial the sureties are. There should have been at least two serving military officers of his rank or higher.”

Tumukunde had presented Maj. Gen Mugisha Muntu, Salaam Musumba, Stella Tumukunde (wife) and Hannington Karuhanga( brother).

Justice Kwesiga asked Tumukunde to present  sureties that have more influence than himself or the same.

Court also said that considering the current lockdown, he could not allow the accused to be released for fear of breaching the set guidelines.

Tumukunde was sent on remand at Luzira prison on March 18 on charges of treason and unlawful possession of guns and ammunition but he later applied or bail.

The judge explained that in the past, there was an incident in which a military general defied court orders after being summoned to appear and refused.

He said that the sureties for a retired military officer and with influence that Lt. Gen.Tumukunde wields should be able to compel him to abide with the condition of his bail set by court.

“Military officers seeking to be released on bail should furnish to court with sureties who can trace and compel them to abide by court orders.”

The judge asked Tumukunde to reconsider his bail application by presenting more substantial sureties

He asked that the former spymaster remains at Luzira until a later date when the lockdown is lifted and circumstances are fine for the court to entertain his bail.




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