MPs Moving to Remove Deputy Speaker Oulanyah Out of Office

A section of Members of Parliament (MP) have taken steps to have Jacob Oulanyah removed from his role as deputy speaker of parliament.

This website has learnt that over 50 MPs have already signed in support of the motion. The MPs are aggrieved that Oulanyah returned the 20M Covid money and also supported President Museveni’s directive on the matter which the MPs describe as a betrayal.

Museveni said the MPs had thrown themselves into a trap by allocating money to themselves when the country is in a crisis. He described the act as being morally reprehensible. Museveni, therefore, advised the MPs to donate the money to the district task force teams of refund directly to parliament. The MPs were not appeased with the comments. And they have since been demanding an apology from the government.

The Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga, however, urged MPs to follow her directives on the usage of the money. Kadaga said the money was to help MPs fight Covid in their respective constituencies. She further stated that the money would be used to fuel ambulances owned by MPs and paying the drivers, among other things.

The MPs say Oulanyah should have taken the same position as parliament especially because he is the deputy speaker.

The move to have him thrown out of the office reportedly started on Monday and has since been growing in momentum.

Oulanyah, however, seems unbothered.

According to the Rules of Procedures of Parliament (97 (1) (a) a motion for a resolution for the removal of the Speaker of Deputy Speaker shall be moved in a seven days’ notice signed by not less than one thir of MPs and then given to the Clerk

The clerk is required to then make a list of the MPs before forwarding the notice to the Speaker or Deputy Speaker within twenty four hours since acknowledging receipt.

The motion is then tabled in parliament within fourteen days for debate.

Moses Kayigwa