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Taxi Drivers Protest Against Old Taxi Park Renovations

On Monday, a number of taxi drivers stormed the old taxi to protest against the ongoing renovations by the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA)

The drivers argued KCCA is trying to throw them out of the city, a claim the KCCA spokesperson Peter Kawujju debunks. “We are doing renovations to improve the working environment for our people. We want to create a better city. It is not true that we are trying to push the taxi operators out of the city.”

He said arrangements are being made to establish temporary parks where the taxis will be operating from in case they are allowed to operate after the lockdown.

The renovation is expected to last for three months.

“We shall not leave this place until we talk to Museveni,” a frustrated taxi driver retorted.

Plans to renovate the old taxi park have always been frustrated by the old taxi park leaders who always claimed that they had nowhere to go.