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I Am Going Back to My Village- Chief Justice Bart Katurebe on Retirement


Chief Justice Bart Katureebe has revealed that he will not be sticking around once he makes the mandatory retirement age of 70 on Saturday, June 21.

This TowerPost has learnt that Justice Katureebe will on Monday next week, hand over office to the Deputy Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo or the in-charge of the Supreme Court before calling it quits.

“I wrote to the President officially that I will be retiring come June 20. I have also previously said I will not stick around once my retirement time comes. I do not know why there was an insinuation that I want to hang around,” Justice Katureebe told journalists on Sunday, June 14.

Katureebe also maintained that It’s not true that he wants to hang around after retirement; after all, it is not even about money because once the law is assented to, even in retirement, he will be getting the same salary as that of a sitting Chief Justice.

“I will just be around for the next three months waiting on my judge colleagues to finalise with the judgments I was part of, sign them and go to the village,” Katureebe said.

According to Article 144 (1) of the Constitution, a retiring judge may stay in office for three more months in order to dispose of pending judicial work.

However, this constitutional provision does not state that the retiring judicial can take on new assignments when the retirement date is due.

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