COVID-19: Gov’t Starts Setting Up Emergency Beds at Namboole

Government has started work at Namboole Stadium, which was designated to set up 40,000 beds for managing Covid-19 patients in the country.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health revealed that they were guided by President Museveni to put in place the 40,000 beds to prepare for the worst case scenario as the country experiences a rise in Covid-19 cases each day.

The Ministry of Health spokesman, Emmanuel Ainebyoona, said on Monday that work at the stadium started had kick started.

“It is an urgent issue. We are planning to establish over 500 beds there (at Namboole stadium),” he said.

Dr Joyce Moriku Kaducu, the Minister of State for Primary Healthcare, also said that, whereas expansion of spaces for managing Covid-19 patients in regional referral hospitals is ongoing, it is important for the country to prepare adequately.

“Most hospitals have discharged most of their patients, actually we do not have patients. But we do not want to be taken by surprise. We want to have enough space so that when the hospitals become overwhelmed again, we just take patients to Namboole,” she said.

The government’s project of expansion comes at a time when Uganda is grappling with new cases everyday. More than 20 health workers in the country have already tested positive for the virus.

Uganda has a total of 705 Covid-19 cases and no Covid-19 related deaths yet according to the ministry of health.

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