New Online Retail Platform Nofeka Launches

By our Reporter

Recently launched Ugandan online retailer Nofeka has promised to offer much better services to rival existing players in the online retail space. And the company hopes to claim a top position in the market by ensuring timely delivery of orders and giving customers the exact products they ordered for with no alterations at all.

Why Now?

Given the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic which has limited people’s movement and access to food markets, produce stores and supermarkets, Kiyega Daniel the retailer’s founder and CEO realised it was the right time to launch his online retailer that does deliveries too so as to ease life for Ugandans mostly those affected by movement restrictions.

These restrictions have been felt throughout the world during this ongoing pandemic, with businesses trying to find new ways in which they can still sell their products in a safe and profitable manner, that is why moving to an online space has become essential so that there is still an income being made. Not only have businesses moved online but new businesses have begun to fill in those gaps that have been left or opened up, that is why companies who are trying to establish themselves online will see how they can, for example, buy domain names for their brand/business, as well as utilize digital marketing platforms to appeal to a wider audience base.

The retailer is operating through two mediums an application by the name Nofeka on Google and Apple play store which you can download and use to shop plus it’s website where you can place orders. The retailer might have hired web developers to create the interactive website in Laravel platform due to its simple interface and usability. that said, by ordering from the website, you can have them delivered to where you are at a small extra fee.

Payments can be made through MasterCard, PayPal, mobile money and cash on delivery as well for whatever products you may purchase.

Founded by award-winning Entrepreneur Daniel Kiyega also the company’s CEO, he has commendable experience in online retail having been running online music equipment store for a number of years now.

Nofeka is already averaging 500 visits a day to its website hardly 3 weeks after its launch and it’s Facebook following has already topped 3000 followers signalling better days ahead.

With an offering of a wide range of products ranging from groceries, clothing to electronics, furniture and toiletries among others, the retailer’s founder Kiyega says they are targeting to have at least 10,000 orders a month within one year.

This according to the firm’s projections will grow to 1 million orders a month 5 years down the road as they step out of Uganda into East Africa and Africa at large.

And as the world’s businesses shift to e-commerce something already taking shape in Uganda, Kiyega says he is positioning Nofeka to be one of the first movers in the retail space locally giving more established names like Jumia and Xente a run for their money plus later spreading out to the continent as the retailer finds its footing.

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