Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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I Did Not Have Trust in Mao- Lukwago

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has mentioned distrust as a reason he quit the Democratic Party (DP) to join the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). Lukwago says he did not have any trust in the DP party president Nobert Mao.

Mao, he says, failed the party at many fronts and in several meetings convened by the forces of change. He says Mao wanted him to comply to the status quo, a matter they often disagreed upon.

He says he now has peace in FDC and trusts the party leadership. “I will agree with any party decisions. If they go into any coalition, I will also go with it. I am not a leader in the party so I won’t be in meetings but I will comply with whatever the party decides.”

Lukwago was unveiled as an FDC member on Tuesday. Speaking about his departure, Mao described Lukwago as a wild cat.  ”

A mother cat knows how to distinguish between real and wild cats. It creates a situation where real cats will run to its mother, while wild cats will run to the bush. The cure situation has shown us the real and wild cats, I am not surprised by their departure,” he said

Lukwago says he will never insult Mao even though the latter does so often.

“He has insulted me, but I have never retorted. Cite one incident where I have abused him. I believe I am beyond that. I would not speak the language of Mao.”

Lukwago says DP is suffering a mass exodus and advises Mao to sit back and reflect on the things that are causing the exodus. “90% of the DP leaders are not going to stand on the party ticket. That means the DP house is leaking.”

He says that the founding fathers of DP would disown it if they came back today.