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Museveni Wants To Quarantine His Opponents- Besigye


Former presidential candidate rtd Col. Kizza Besigye has accused President Museveni of hatching plans to have his political opponents quarantined under government institutions under the blanket that they have coronavirus.

Besigye’s remarks follow the Presidents directive to have all aspirants tested for Covid-19.

“Why should “Sole Candidate” Museveni order his (MOH) officials to test all his political opponents? What’s the scientific justification- to protect the “candidates” or the people? This is why PRIVATE facilities are vital in Uganda’s political COVID-19 control,” Besigye posted on his social media handles.

Testing all candidates is a trap to have his opponents put in quarantine according to Besigye.

“Uganda will now squarely contend with the partisan COVID-19 management that we were concerned about from pandemic onset- National task force under OPM & District teams under RDCs; Health Minister now Lira NRM Candidate!” Besigye noted.

The directive to have all political aspirants was announced by the ruling party Secretary General Kasule Lumumba on Thursday, July 31.

Lumumba revealed that the President had reasoned it necessary to have all aspirants tested for Covid-19 since they liaise with the masses daily.



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