Singer Leila Kayondo Accused of Stealing Car

Singer Leila Kayondo is in hot soup. The singer’s name has been dragged in a new scandal over accusations that she stole a car.

The accusations have been a tabled by a one Nayima Nassuna who says the singer stole a car belonging to her late husband Luke Junior Sendawula.

Nassuma says the car was with Leila at the time of his death, but when they approached Leila to handover the car she played hide and seek.

“Every time I asked my late husband about the car, he used to tell that it is with his friends. It’s so unfortunate that he died before returning it home. I later found out that it is Leila Kayondo who had the car. She should return it since it was not officially given to her.” Nayima Nassuna said.

Leila, however, says she did not steal the car but received it as a gift from Ssendawula. Leila and the deceased are said to have been dating covertly.

“I do not have time for that woman, Sendawula gave me the car so I completely do not understand what she is saying. I understand such individuals who always come out to get attention but I personally do not have time to waste, I am still mourning my father.”

Audrey Ninsiima