CONFIRMED: Pastor Yiga is Dead

Kawaala based ABS Television has confirmed the death of their founder and CEO Pastor Augustine Yiga “Abizaayo”

Yiga’s death was conformed on Tuesday morning through a post on the television’s social media channels.

“Pastor Yiga Abizayo is Dead. May his soul rest in peace. We love you so much our Father,” ABS TV posted.

Yiga who has been battling liver complications at Nsambya hospital was reported dead 4 days back only for Revival Christain Church leaders to come out and rubbish the claims.

The bitter church members blasted several media houses that had published the story saying they [media houses] were after selling news and caring less about how it hurts the pastor’s family.

The Tower Post understands that the controversial pastor had been on life support for over five days, a condition that medical personnel could refer to as “clinically dead.”

May His soul rest in peace.

The Tower Post