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Police Officer Arrested for Hiring Out Gun to Civilian

Police in Kole district have arrested one of their own for hiring out his gun to a civilian.

The officer has been identified as Police Constable William Alunyu, attached to Aboke Police station. The civilian who was hiring the gun is Geoffrey Okecha, aged 21 from Aboke trading center.

The duo was arrested from Aboke Sub County on Monday evening. It is alleged that Alunyu hired out the gun to Okecha who reportedly used it to threaten people in the homes of Moses Ojok, Nixson Moro and Tom Okello, all residents of Akaidebe B Village, Akwirididi parish, Aboke Sub County on Sunday evening.

A police officer at Aboke Police station who preferred not be named says the suspect while in possession of the gun allegedly threatened to defile on of the girls in the village.

Preliminary investigations indicate that Constable Okecha has been dealing in the illicit business of hiring out the gun assigned to him to thugs who use it to rob money from businessmen.

David Otabong, the Kole District Police Commander confirmed the arrest saying police has already commenced investigations to ascertain circumstances under which the gun ended up in the hand of a civilian.

Otabong says Constable Alunyu is being charged with neglect of duty, while Okecha is charged of threatening violence and aggravated robbery on file CRB 441/2020 at Kole Central Police Station.

He asked police officers to be careful while holding firearms, arguing that one gun in the hands of wrong people can be a problem for the entire region.