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Tear Gas in Rukungiri as Police Blocks Besigye, Amuriat Processions


Police in Rukungiri on Monday fired tear gas to block the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate, Patrick Oboi Amuriat and former presidential candidate Colonel Dr Kiiza Besigye from holding a procession in Rukungiri Municipality. 

Amuriat who is currently on his campaign trail in Kigezi addressed supporters in Kanungu district as well as Bikurungu town council in Rujumbura county, Rukungiri district. 

However, when he entered Rukungiri town, Amuriat who was accompanied by Besigye, Rukungiri Municipality Member of Parliament Roland Mugume Kaginda, Rujumbura County MP, Fred Turyamuhweza, District woman MP, Betty Bamukwasa Muzanira and former Rukiga county MP, Jack Sabitti among others found heavily armed anti-riot police had blocked all  the roads except Rubabo road that connects Rukungiri Municipal stadium where the public rally was slated to be held. 

Amuriat who had attracted hundreds of supporters defied the orders and proceeded to Rukungiri-Ntugamo road roundabout. Police under the command of Kintu Henry, Rukungiri District Police Commander, and Dan Byaruhanga, Kigezi region police commander attempted to block him in vain. 

As he proceeded to the FDC party offices located along Rubabo road police started firing tear gas to disperse the supporters. 

Amuriat declined to proceed to the stadium accusing police of chasing away his supporters.  He, forcefully made a short address as police fired tear gas.

Elly Maate, the police spokesperson for Kigezi region says that police could not allow Amuriat to make a procession in town to disrupt peoples’ businesses. He says that police had not agreed with Amuriat to hold processions. 

Earlier, Amuriat promised to increase the salaries of police officers, once elected President. 

On Tuesday, Amuriat will hold rallies in Rukiga, Ntungamo and Rwampara districts.





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