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Equity Bank Donates 2,000 Mosquito Nets to Vendors who Sleep in Markets


Equity Bank Uganda Limited has today donated 2,000 mosquito nets worth UGX 40 million in partnership with Kampala Capital City Authority for market vendors.

As per the president’s directive, he requested that market vendors all over the country remain at their places of work for the next 42 days as one of the measures to curb the spread of the COVID-1 virus. The Bank appreciates all vendors who heeded this call and are playing their role by ensuring steady food supply.

“This contribution is in addition to what the Bank had previously donated to the COVID-19 task force that comprised 2 brand-new Toyota double cabin pickup and PPE worth UGX 100 million,” said Equity Bank Uganda Executive Director Mr. Anthony Kituuka.

He further noted that as a Bank, our vision is to be the champion of the socio-economic prosperity of the people of Africa. It is a journey of collective growth, empowerment, community development, and uplifting each other to realize our full potential and as an inclusive bank The vendors currently spending nights in the market are key partners, keeping them healthy is important to us, the current directive by the president aims at curbing the rapid spread of the disease. we believe with joint efforts we can fight to restore normalcy of lives and livelihoods.

“We appreciate in a special way the Government-led strategy to keep all of us safe and believe that with unity of purpose and in partnership with our government, we will overcome this pandemic. As corporate citizens of Eastern Africa, Equity Bank Group is committed to doing it’s part to adhere to the governments’ stipulated guidelines and protocols to curb the spread of Covid-19.”

Over 60% of the bank’s micro loans customers are men & women like market vendors who need to access fast processed loans ranging from as low as 500,000 to keep their businesses running. Our agency banking model Equity Duuka is also prominently used by vendors to transact and save their daily earnings.

Equity Bank Uganda continues to comply with all the government advisory and protocols in the fight against the spread of Covid-19. During these challenging times, the Bank has facilitated customer access to banking services safely and securely 24/7 through its digital channels and its over 5,000 Equity duuka agency banking network. We are also working with various donor agencies to ensure that close to 55,000 households in the refugee settlements of Nakivale, Kyaka II and Orucinga receive their monthly cash-based transfers for food assistance using digital and agency banking channels.

The Executive Director KCCA, Dorothy Kisaka thanked Equity Bank for their contribution and assured the public that this and all the other donations will be used in a transparent and accountable manner to improve service delivery and the fight against COVID-19.



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