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Two Arrested for Impersonating as NDA staff in Kumi


Police at Kumi Central Police Station have Arrested and charged two men for allegedly Impersonating National Drug Authority Staff in Kumi District

The duo was arrested in Ongino Sub County in Kumi District on Thursday Evening.

According to the East Kyoga Police Spokesperson Oscar Gregg Ageca, the duo impersonated employees of National Drugs Authority and have since been charged under SD ref: 44/05/8/2021& 45/05/8/2021 of Kumi CPS.

It’s alleged that the two, one masquerading as Dr. Okello Martin (His qualification is yet to be affirmed) while the other Engwedu Henry a deserter from Uganda Police Force since the year 2014 were impersonating as NDA drug inspectors.

He reveals that, the above named individuals were carrying out their unsanctioned operation and seizures of drugs and affiliated materials in drug shops and pharmacies in areas of Osera, Kapokin,Akum and Akide under Ongino Sub County in Kumi district.

“The public became suspicious of the individuals which drew public ire, they were saved from the angry mob which had formed around them at around 1500hrs through Swift police action and are currently being detained pending investigation and consequent arraignment before the courts of law,” Ageca said.

Adding that, the police therefore urges the public to always restrain themselves by not taking the law into their hands in cases which involve conflict with the law, and that the public should always report any matter of suspected impersonation of government or public officials or any matter of conflict with the law to the police on toll free lines 999 or 112.



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