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The Twitter Swindler: Police Arrests Man Who Lured Lady to a Date, Stole Her Phone

Bruno Kyamukaaga

Police in Kampala have arrested a man who was recently accused of luring a girl to a date before stealing her phone and cash worth Shs100,000.

Bruno Kyamukaaga who was identified as Black King was accused by a Twitter user, Christine Asingwire also known as Tinah of taking her to a date at Lishi Resort Hotel in Kisasi and taking off with her phone and cash, leaving her with unpaid bills.

“He had no data, so I gave him my hotspot. When I wanted to use the loo, I left my bag and phone with him on the table since he was using my hotspot. I came back when the guy had left with my phone, ransacked my bag and also took my 100k,” she said.

“On top of that, he even left without paying the bill for the stuff we had eaten,” she added.

Asingwire further provided CCTV footage from the hotel showing Bruno leaving the place where they had met.

At first, Kyamukaaga denied having stolen anything from Asingwire saying that they never had a date but rather a hookup and that he left after the two had a disagreement in a hotel room.

But according to Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire, the suspect handed himself over to Kisaasi Police and admitted to every allegation.

“He handed himself over to Kisaasi police. He said that he spent four days with the victim and later stole the phone. Actually he admitted to every allegation by the victim,” Owoyesigire said.

He further revealed that he has been transferred to Kira Road Police station for “further management”

Kyamukaaga a graduate of Makerere University Business School [MUBS] has also been accused by other girls of fraud, being a conman and dishonesty.

He reportedly deceived his campus classmates recently that he was battling cancer and was raising funds for his medication.

“The last time I talked to Bruno, he said he was diagnosed with cancer and was asking for contributions for his medication. Like seriously Bruno, I have been praying for you, now see,” said one of his female former classmates [name withheld]



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