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Gov’t is the Author of All Inter-Communal Conflicts, Insecurities in South Sudan – Malong Rebels

Gen Paul Malong Awan

By: Col. Philip Deng Kuol Nguot 

The leadership of South Sudan United Front/Army, leads by enigma of South Sudan, the true liberator of the marginalized people of South Sudan, the Chairman and Commander in Chief of South Sudan United Front/Army, Gen Paul Malong Awan is working to create a save heaven for the people of South Sudan.

Through his Military Intelligent office, they have intercepted information and would like to make the general public aware of the current events taking place in the country. Gen. Malong is a patriot who wants equal rights to all inhabitants of South Sudan regardless of their race, religious background and social status, he advocates for peace and agricultural development.

We are writing this in continuation of our previous statement, to confirm to the international community and regional blocs about the attacks we have mentioned before are still happening. We longed for a peaceful country that will build better governing institutions and build strong bilateral relations with friends of South Sudan and good foreign relations, but all these have short live when the South Sudan government headed by President Salva Kiir Mayardit is known for its unfortunate scandals, the brutal torturing of negatively accused innocent civilians, rapping, kidnapping and disappearances across the country.

National Security have been given authority to arrest and jail without trial. Our sons, daughters and foreign nationals are rotting in National Security jails without trial, South Sudan security institutions armed their personals to ambush civilians’ buses and take innocent lives and destroy properties.

The government is aware of the ongoing crimes against humanity on the roads and the destruction of civilians’ properties and loss of lives. The impunity and attacks of the buses along Nimule roads is a national security made disaster to fuel conflict and continue ruling the country without elections.

Beyond the insecurities in Nimule roads, the current events in Upper Nile region that have made Fangak and Tonga as the hub of conflict, is made by those who mislead President Salva Kiir, and armed the militia Johnson Olony Thubo to attack Gen. Gatwech Dual military outpost and take lives of innocent civilians living in the area.

SSUF/A Military Intelligence on the ground would like to make the international community and the region aware that all these insecurities are facilitated directly from the office of South Sudan’s spy chief, Akol Koor Kuc, the director of national security.

Akol Koor believes that by creating insecurities, he will destabilize the country and make the civilians angry, create a new political party and remove President Kiir from power through a coup de tat.

Even though we write these disturbing facts, we mourn in our hearts, to hear a killing of a pregnant woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister from Ngok Lual Yak, who was killed by the security personnel who were dispersing demonstrators in Malakal town, using live bullets.

Akol Koor close ally was seen discussing and supplying military procurements in the outskirt of Tonga, Shilluk land, hence, leads to the attacks that was caused by militia Johnson Olony Thubo. The supply of military equipment was concurringly done in Bahr el Ghazal by Akol Koor and led to arrest of civilians, over forty people are said to be missing. Their family members are asking the state government of the whereabouts of their relatives. Though our intelligence have been informed that these people are currently in national security prisons in Juba.

The country’s security institutions have created a tactic of absence of peace, a master-mind to prevent the achievement of peace for the people of the world’s youngest country to realize their potential. SSOMA principals, condemned this barbaric character of the government of not delivering justice to its citizens and all inhabitants.

On 30th August 2022 during the graduation of the Unified Forces, President Kiir gave a speech, where he calls for the resumption of Rome Peace Talks, this trigger the national security to deploy its officers secretly in Juba-Nimule road, Juba-Mundri road, varies areas in Bahr el Ghazal highway, and armed pro-militias in Upper Nile region with aims to attack civilians and blame the insecurities on SSOMA.

SSUF/A under the wise leadership, the enigma of South Sudan, the patriot and the liberator of marginalized people, Gen. Paul Malong Awan urges all regional blocs and the international organizations to exert pressure on Juba government to cease from fueling conflict that is devastating lives and properties in the country. We stand to preach peace and stability for the country and welcome our neighbors and those who would love to invest in South Sudan and make South Sudan their homes to live in peace and prosper.

As SSOMA, we acknowledge the Community of Sant’Egidio, IGAD, Troika , African Union CTSAMVM and all the stakeholders of peace for supporting the people of South Sudan, your tiresome contribution will remain in our books of records, we will stand together to champion peace in a peace manner. God bless the people of South Sudan; God bless the peace guarantors and God bless SSOMA principals and all their members.

The writer is the military spokesperson for the South Sudan United Front/Army, a rebel outfit headed by Gen Paul Malong.



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