Amolatar Youths Minting Millions from Poultry Farming

At least 20 youths from Amolatar district are reaping big in a poultry farming, concentrating on indigenous chickens.

Through their project dubbed ATOMORO Youth Project located in Atomoro Parish, Awelo Sub County, the youths have been able to raise millions of cash with the most recent being a whooping five million from sales and their birds and eggs.

In an interview with The Tower Post at the project site, Isaac Omara, the Project chairperson said that since they began in 2019, the project has made a speedy and remarkable growth which has been realized both financially and socially as the number of members soars up each year .

According to Omara they started on a low page with one member who he identified as Alex Ebwol. Omara said that Ebwol willingly donated a piece of land for starting the project in June 2019.

‘’Of course we started by keeping 50 local chickens, with each member contributing two hens at the project kick off and this made them multiply. By the end of 2021 December we had raised 541 local chickens,” said Omara.

As days and months by, he revealed, their dreams came true as they earned a sum of 5.3 million after selling the local chickens in December 2021.

He said the capital earned was further invested in their development plan and priority areas which saw them acquire their own land.

“We started fencing the land and constructing poultry houses, a development that attracted more than ten other members to join us. Each of the new members contributed three hens and a cash amount of Shs50,000 as their shares.”

Omara revealed that to further skill their members in management, they partnered with local NGO Facilitation for Peace and Development – FAPAD who trained 30 members on project planning and management.

‘’What really assisted them most was touring other established projects like; Ngeta zadi in August 2022, they also attended a workshop by GIZ on promoting social entrepreneurship and Agri-Business skills in Pacific Grand Hotel Lira city,” he said.

The project has now had a positive impact on the Community in Lango sub region’ as they embark on skilling youth in Agribusiness and social entrepreneurship especially in Poultry farming.

“Top on the agenda is engaging the youth and leaders at Amolatar District to make youth empowerment a vital element for development,” Omara said.

Rachael Acen, a 28 -Year old female youth and a member of ATOMORO Youth Project told The Tower Post that she has earned income and a good life skill which has enabled her to change her livelihood to the next level.

Patrick Okidi