Doreen Mirembe: The Heart and Soul of Damalie

In the vibrant world of Ugandan television, a captivating saga of love, deceit, and family unfolds on the screen, and at its core stands the multi-talented Doreen Mirembe. She not only graces the role of Damalie but also serves as the driving force behind the telenovela Damalie. The show has taken the Ugandan entertainment scene by storm, and it’s no surprise given the passion and dedication Doreen pours into both her character and the show behind the scenes.

“We are excited. It has been amazing how people receive it. Everyone is interested, everyone wants to know what has happened and what will happen next. Everybody’s excited,” says Doreen when asked about the show’s reception. Viewers’ enthusiasm is contagious, and Damalie has quickly become a must-watch series on the Pearl Magic channels. 

When asked about her favourite fan message, Doreen shares stories of people approaching her on the streets, intrigued by her character, but ultimately enjoying the beauty of the show. “People stop you everywhere, asking, ‘why are you like that? But I am enjoying the show, it’s so beautiful…’ It’s heartening to see how viewers are not just watching but also connecting with the characters and the storyline.”

Doreen’s ten year journey in the entertainment industry has taken a momentous turn with Damalie. She reflects, “Yes, it has been totally different. It’s my first telenovela. It’s my first TV series.” While she’s previously worked on feature films that garnered love from audiences, the scale and impact of Damalie is on a whole different level. Viewers are not just passive spectators; they are actively invested in the story, even offering ideas for future episodes.

Doreen’s love of storytelling goes beyond her acting career. “I’ve always loved telling stories, and through my company Amani Production House, we love telling the real Ugandan stories, the African stories that touch us,” she explains. Her passion for relatable narratives led her to take on the challenge of producing Damalie when MultiChoice called for telenovelas. Doreen believes that Uganda has the talent, and she was determined to ensure their stories found their way to television screens.

As for her character, Damalie Mbidde, Doreen’s connection runs deep. “Damalie is about people who move abroad and come back – which has been seen in most African countries,” she notes. “It’s a storyline that resonates with many, reflecting the experiences of family members who seek better opportunities overseas.” Doreen’s passion for the character and the story is evident in her portrayal.

Damalie’s relationship with her husband Charles, played by Denis Kinani, is the central theme of the show. “Charles loves Damalie. He has loved Damalie since childhood,” she says. Their love story is a slow burn, challenging the notion that love at first sight is the only path to a lasting bond. Viewers can expect to see their relationship evolve in intriguing ways.

Beyond Damalie and Charles, the relationships between Damalie, her brother Maxwell, and long-time friend Joel form another critical thread in the series. Doreen emphasises that love is the glue holding these characters together, and viewers will witness how love can both strengthen and strain these bonds as the story unfolds.

What sets Damalie apart is the dedication and passion of the entire team. Doreen adds, “People behind and in front of the camera have received the show well. They love their characters, they’re passionate about them, they research their characters. Cast and crew commitment is clear, making Damalie a labour of love for everyone involved.”

The ensemble cast features a mix of seasoned actors and newcomers. Doreen’s casting choices were guided by talent and discipline. “For me, however talented you are, discipline is important,” she shares. The combination of talent and professionalism contributed to the show’s success.

Doreen believes that Damalie will deeply resonate with viewers, as many have already expressed that the show feels like their own story. “The comments I get, this is my show, this is my story, you’re telling my story,” she says. The relatability of the narrative has sparked excitement among viewers, who eagerly offer suggestions for future plot developments.

As Damalie’s story unfolds, viewers can expect to be captivated and glued to their screens. Doreen promises engaging love moments, drama, and cliff-hangers that will keep audiences coming back for more. 

When asked which character she would switch roles with for a day, Doreen chose Isabella played by Hasifah Nande Nakitende. She admires the character’s journey and the way she evolves throughout the series. Isabella’s transitions and personal growth make her a compelling choice for Doreen.

Doreen Mirembe’s journey from passionate storyteller to actress and producer of Damalie speaks to her dedication and belief in the power of Ugandan and African narratives. With a captivating storyline and a talented cast, Damalie promises to be a telenovela that viewers won’t want to miss. As Doreen herself says, “They should expect to run back home and watch.” The story has just begun, and the excitement is bound to continue building as Damalie unfolds its tale of love, deceit, and family in the heart of Uganda.

Catch Damalie every Monday to Wednesday at 7:30pm on Pearl Magic DStv Channel 161 and GOtv Channel 301, Pearl Magic Loko on DStv Channel 142 and GOtv Channel 302, and Pearl Magic Prime on DStv Channel 148 and GOtv Channel 303. 

Rashid Kyonjo

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