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Andrew Mwenda: Why I Think Museveni is More Democratic Than Bobi Wine, Besigye

By Andrew M. Mwenda Last week, police using heavy-handed methods stopped the MP for Kyadondo East, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, from holding a concert. Even President Yoweri Museveni agreed that the brutality police employed was uncalled for. To make a bad situation worse, the Uganda Communications Commission then ordered television

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Why Bobi Wine’s People Power Must Stop Shouting at Besigye, FDC

FDC's Amuriat on People Power Calls for Besigye to Back Bobi Wine: One of the most difficult currencies to convert or transfer is political support. This applies to the political market and because of this, genuine support for a political party or an individual can only be taken away through

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Uganda’s Second Liberation Struggle

It’s important that Ugandans, especially, the young people, clearly understand the political challenges that bedevil our country and how we ought to confront and overcome them. This piece has been prompted by the discernible misunderstanding as to what the current political struggles are about and what their trajectory is. How did Uganda,

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Andrew Mwenda: Jennifer Musisi Pushed out of KCCA for Doing Wonders in Kampala

By Andrew M. Mwenda Finally Jennifer Musisi has resigned as executive director of KCCA. This was inevitable. However, her resignation points to a deeper malady that our nation faces: the gulf between our theoretical ambitions and the pettiness of our politics. Musisi has fallen because she aspired to do great things

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Andrew Mwenda: The Break Up of FDC has Finally Arrived, I Predicted It

By Andrew Mwenda My predictions have finally come true: FDC is breaking up: 22 out of its 36 members of parliament are quitting to form a new political party. And these 22 are the most enlightened individuals in FDC. Initially they will present the party as a pressure group to avoid the

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OPINION: Is Zoe Fellowship at Lugogo Uganda’s Biggest Problem Right Now?

By Joseph Kabuleta Nathan entered class. The teacher entered immediately after. Join the sentences starting with: “No sooner……” That was my nightmare English puzzle in primary school. Every wrong conjunction attracted a fresh round of strokes. ‘No sooner had Nathan entered class when…’ Smack, smack. I tried everything; ‘No sooner…before, after, then…’ My backside was aflame when

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Andrew Mwenda: Inconvenient Facts about Educated Ugandans

Kikuubo is the epicenter of Uganda’s business activity, especially local business. You go there as 11am on Monday or 11pm on Sunday and the place will be busy like a beehive - people selling in shops, others loading lorries with goods to take to South Sudan, Congo, Rwanda and other

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Andrew Mwenda to FDC Supporters: Stop Blaming Others for Your Misery

Dear friends in extremist radical wing of the FDC led by opposition presidential candidate for life, Dr. Kizza Besigye. I was away on holiday in Dubai during this Easter and was unable to send you a frank festive message as has become custom in our increasingly hot and steamy relationship. You

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Makerere University main building

OPINION: Our Universities Should Not Be Turned Into Vocational Institutions

Opinion: Daniel Ddiba At the 13th Gulu University graduation ceremony on 13th January 2018, the First Lady and Minister of Education, in a speech read for her by Hon. Jacob Oulanyah, castigated universities for having very “theoretical” teaching as opposed to “practical” teaching. Understandably, her comments were made in an effort

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