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Protect Anite or Face Our Wrath – West Nile MPs Roar

A group of Members of Parliament from West Nile today threatened to resign once the State fails to give enough security to the State Minister for Privatization and Investment,Ms Evelyn Anite who has alleged that Mafias In the government are planning to end her life. Speaking to the Press, the Members

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President Museveni and minister Anite. Courtesy Photo

Dear Magye, Don’t Let the Mafia Touch Anite, the Anointed One

Monday night, a man inside my neighbour’s TV said junior minister in charge of investment and privatisation Evelyn Anite had told reporters some dangerous people were whetting weapons of mass destruction to kill her. The man reading the news called those dangerous people the ‘mafia’. She swore that those people are within

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‘Mafias Planning to Kill Me Like they Killed Abiriga’ – Minister Anite

Minister of State for Privatisation and Investment Evelyn Anite has revealed there is a plan to assassinate her just like it was done to former Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga. Addressing the press Monday morning at Ministry of Finance headquarters in Kampala, Anite revealed that there was a plan to remove

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