6 Ways to Handle Rumours About Yourself

There are rumour mongers everywhere, and it’s common to have fallen into the trap of rumour mongers.

It’s very important to know how to handle rumours about yourself, because if you don’t, those rumours could get the better of you and affect you negatively.

These are six things you should do when you hear a rumour about yourself.

Be confident

Being confident when things which are untrue are being said about you is a very important way to handle rumours. When you are confident, you give the rumour-plotters something else to think about.

Never show frustration

People plotting rumours against you expect you to show frustration and lose your cool. You play into their traps when you do this. So, never get frustrated because of rumours; see rumours as what it really is — lies.


When you hear something untrue about you, communicate with the people who matter to you and people in higher authority, like your boss if possible.

Clarify the situation

Present facts to clarify the situation.

Don’t try too hard

Don’t try too hard to impress anyone. When you become desperate to clear the rumours, people might actually believe the rumours are true.

Be positive

Remain positive no matter the situation, keep a smiling face and never lose your joy because of news that are untrue.

It might seem difficult to do all these, but it’s way better to handle rumours this way than to get frustrated.

Source: Elcrema