Museveni Urges National Youth Leaders on Formation of Mass Movements

President Yoweri Museveni has told a meeting of national and NRM youth leaders that the original purpose and concept of mass movements was and is to be an organized voice that advocates for the prioritization of government programmes.

This was during a meeting held at State House, Entebbe.

He said that mass movements like the youth and women groups were set to be movements of productive people and not employees of the state, adding that a youth movement with enough mobilization would be able to stop indiscipline, advocate for budget prioritization in the areas of infrastructural development, security and other pertinent areas that cater for the entire populace.

“There is distortion of priorities. The one who gets in position starts to only think about himself and not the rest of the people, This movement could wake them up,” he remarked.

The President who was addressing youth leaders yesterday at State House, Entebbe, also informed the youths that if they were organized and united, they would be very instrumental in cutting off parasitic people who are engulfed in corruption adding that they would teach the people how to utilize the scarce resources around them.

He further elaborated to the youth that the movements formed are of wealth creators in their individual capacities and promised to support them in some of their projects because some of them, he noted, are participating in youth mobilization activities full time.

Moses Kayigwa