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6 Makerere Female Students Pin Lecturer for Sleeping with them in Exchange for Marks


A report on the vice of sex for marks at Makerere University reveals damning confessions of how a lecturer abused his students by trapping them in his office.

A probe committee into the issue interviewed eight female students. At least six of these interviewees have pinned their lecturer of sleeping or attempting to sleep with them for marks.

Brian Musaga, a former Assistant Lecturer at the College of Business and Management Studies (Cobams), is the man accused of sexually harassing his female students.
Musaga would work until late in the night and weekends where he would invite female students to his office number A22 in the School of Statistics and Planning (SSP) and make sexual advances, the July 25, 2016 report indicates.

He would then tell them they were illegally in his office, promise them marks and arouse them.

“All students’ testimonies consistently indicated that Musaga worked very late hours which was further confirmed by the security guards and custodians. The committee noted several similarities in the testimonies regarding the modus operandi used by Musaga to sexually harass students. The committee noted that the testimonies from independent students could only be similar if they were pointing to the same thing- the truth,” reads the report ion part.

The committee was convinced beyond reasonable doubt that the students had not be set up to defame Musaga as he alleges.

Staffs at the school said they had heard rumours of Musaga’s professional misconduct.

The disgraced don has since vowed to sue Makerere for defaming him.



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