VIDEO: What Museveni Said about Being President Beyond the age of 75

The move to remove presidential age limits to allow Uganda’s three-decade president Yoweri Museveni stand for reelection in 2021 is one of the contradictions of the former bush war leader.

In an interview in August 2016, Museveni said he would not seek reelection beyond the age of 75 as provided for by the constitution.

But with Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister Kahinda Otafiire revealing a plan to amend the constitution to remove or maintain the presidential age limit, it remains to be seen if Museveni will stick to the content of the interview he gave to NTV 11 months ago.

In his inaugural speech in 1986, Museveni said the problem with Africa was leaders who overstay in power.

But the president has been in power for over 30 years and his ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party seems to be looking for a way to keep him in power.


Marion Ayebazibwe