Museveni Asks Kazoora, Mushega to Return to NRM

President Yoweri Museveni has encouraged his former bush war comrades in the opposition to return to the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party fold.

Uganda’s three-decade president was at the weekend attending the wedding reception of the children of two of his former allies who have turned into his critics: Maj John Kazoora and Amanya Mushega.

The Saturday event celebrated the union of Arnold Akandinda Kazoora, son to John and Naomi Kabasharira Kazoora of Rutooma Kashaari County in Mbarara district, and Kobusingye Kukunda Mushega daughter to Amanya Mushega of Bumbaire, Igara County in Bushenyi district.
Museveni, who recently has been poaching on the opposition members, was categorical at the event that happened at Mawanda Gardens in Kireka, Wakiso district.

The NRM chairman said the reception had given him a chance to interact with his former allies.

Museveni praised Kazoora, Mushega and other ‘freedom fighters’ who between 1981 and 1986 waged war against the Milton Obote ‘dictatorship’.

“The people who were being despised played a big role in liberating Uganda. Kampala City has been built all the way from Entebbe through Kampala up to Kireka. It has become one town. These fighters enabled it to develop to this stage. Their children and the youth at large will streamline it,” Museveni said.

On those who had quit government and joined opposition, Museveni said it was normal for people to disagree in life but “that [disagreement] should not discourage them [Kazoora, Mushega and others from returning to the NRM].”

Marion Ayebazibwe