Monday, September 28, 2020
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Ending S. Sudan War: Rebecca Garang Rushes to U.S

Rebecca Nyandeng de Mabior, the widow of former South Sudanese leader John Garang de Mabior, is in the United States, leading a delegation of the SPLM Former Detainees group.

Rebecca leads a delegation comprising former finance minister, Kosti Manibe, former deputy foreign affairs minister Cirino Iteng and former internal affairs minister Gier. Chuang Aluong.

The team, according to Rebecca, would solicit support from all shades and segments of the American people and other world leaders to help end what she described as an “undesirable and devastating” conflict in the country.

“The war going on in South Sudan is undesirable and devastating lives, destroying hope and tearing apart the social fabric. The American people played an instrumental role in the guide and the birth of South Sudan. With the situation the people are in, I believe the American people will not just stand and watch the country disintegrating,” Rebecca told Sudan Tribune when reached on Sunday for comment on the trip.

“They will have to play another role so that the goal for which they provided they support that culminated to the birth of the country is not lost,” she further stressed.

Rebecca’s return trip to the United States in less than two years was preceded by a trip undertaken leaders of armed and non-opposition to ask for the same support in September and October.

Former South Sudanese agriculture and food security minister, Lam Akol, Gen Thomas Cirilo and the former minister of youth and sports were among the top opposition leaders asking the United States, the United Nations and the entire world to unite and convey one message to end the war in the country.

Like other political leaders, Rebecca hopes to meet with members of the Congress, Senators, American academics, religious leaders, advocacy groups and members of the international organisations to help put pressure on their government to play a leading role in the resolution of the conflict in the country. She and her team will also meet different South Sudanese communities

Also, leading figure of the Former Political Detainees group Pagan Amum dismissed reports in the Social Media claiming that the delegation is visiting Washington to call for UN to place South Sudan under the United Nations trusteeship.

“You should just dismiss it. It (is) from a madman,” when he was reached by Sudan Tribune for comment.

After the resumption of hostilities in July 2016, the South Sudanese government strongly rejected calls for an international trusteeship on South Sudan as it was the case of East Timor and Kosovo.