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Bad Touches: Makerere, Activists Want Dembe FM Presenters Punished for Sexually Harassing ‘Singer’ Sasha Brighton on Air


Pressure is mounting on Nation Media Group (NMG) to punish three male presenters for what is being described by women activists as sexual harassment against singer Sasha Brighton.

NMG country director Tony Glencross has had a hard time engaging with women activists on the matter ever since Rosebell Kagumire shared a video of the harassment on Twitter.

Makerere University’s Makerere School of Women and Gender Studies has since advised NMG to acknowledge the presenters’ actions as acts of sexual harassment. 

Here is a look at part of the social media conversations:


“Dear Dembe Fm and Nation Media Group, You must enforce guidelines on workplace harassment. Women who come to your studios should never be subjected to such unwanted touches, sexualised language and objectification. This is unethical! We must make media safe for women!” Rosebell Kagumire 


 “What did I just see, which schools did these unethical men go to! Are they even still employed there?  How disgusting!”Patience Nuwasasira.


“This is very wrong! Such institutions should make spaces safe for women, enforce sexual harassment policies and sensitize employees about the vice.”Makerere School of Women and Gender Studies.


“This is so wrong indeed, am inclined to suggest that the woman may not know her rights and the guys typically thought she is ok with it. I highly recommend standard operating procedures on sexual harassment/behaviour in workplaces.”Irene Connie Tumwe


Although Dembe Fm programming is interactive, vibrant and entertaining, we treat all our studio guests with respect. We are in touch with the lady in question. While she is ok, with her appearance on the day, we have taken all the lessons. Once again thank y’all for calling us out. I’ve engaged the station’s managers on having in place a “Zero Contact Policy” in place amongst other measures. Our conduct and how we treat women, especially given that Dembe Fm is a station for women, should be and will be better than this.” Tony Glencross, country managing director, Nation Media Group.


Makerere School of Women and Gender Studies: “While we recognize you for getting in touch with the lady, we strongly feel that Nation Media Group should;

1 Acknowledge that this is sexual harassment

2 Reprimand the culprits

3 Educate your employees about the vice

4 Enforce existing sexual harassment policies/put in place one.”

Watch the video:



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