Thursday, April 25, 2019
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Ugandan Startup KAINOafrica Launches New e-Learning Platform

Ugandan startup KAINOafrica is piloting its e-learning solution KAINOtab in three schools, offering teachers, students and parents access to online guides and textbooks, assessment tools and educational games both online and offline.

The KAINOtab academic content hub is available via web and mobile apps, with the startup describing itself as an academic content aggregator involved in the digitisation and gamification of African curriculums.

Its system works both online and offline, and is being piloted in three schools with a total of around 5,400 pupils.

Chief executive officer (CEO) Alfred Opio said KAINO had spotted a huge gap in the African market after studying the impact of digitised learning in places where it is in use, and decided to create a scalable model for low and middle income countries.

“We plan to commercialise the KAINO system in January in Uganda, but we are developing a SaaS model that can allow any school in Africa and the rest of the world to easily plug into the system and make use of it based on a subscription model,” he told Disrupt Africa.

The startup is bootstrapped and currently being incubated by investment company Zaccai Investments.