Wednesday, April 8, 2020
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Do Not Close Alcohol Depots — Minister Kyambade Directs

The Minister for Trade, Amelia Kyambade has today (Thursday) directed the police to stop closing alcohol depots saying that there is no harm in people buying alcohol and taking from home.

“The police are not supposed to close alcohol depots or shops. Bars are the ones that should close because that is where people converge. We have no problem with people buying alcohol and taking it with them to their homes,” Kyambade said in a televised interview.

When Uganda confirmed her first case of coronavirus, the President directed that all bars and night clubs suspend their operations. The police and army has been enforcing this directive, however, even depots have been affected.

The government has put in place a number of draconian measures including the closure of schools, banning public gatherings and most recently banning public transportation and markets.

The President made the directive on Markets when the number of cases spiked to 14. The police has this morning been engaged in running battles with boda bodas and traders who are going against the President’s directive.The police has, however, been criticised for misinterpreting the directive as they are also forcing people to close shops.