Judith Heard Making the Most of COVID-19 Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic got the whole world in an unexpected lockdown but Ugandan socialite and fashionista Judith Heard is making the most of it.

Even sing the Ugandan government ordered a total lockdown to prevent the spread of the pandemic, Judith Heard is among the many people have adhered to the directive and have since decided to stay home with their families.

She has even used her Social Media platforms to sensitize the masses on how to keep safe from the deadly virus.


Among other activities in her daily routine, Judith embarked daily work outs which has also motivated many of her fans and followers to work on their bodies while at home.

She also started hosting fellow African celebrities and influencers LIVE on her massively followed Instagram page, discussing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in the community and of course, home live parties.

The few celebrities that she has mobilized to follow her steps include Nigerian artiste MKO, Mohka 1450 Restaurant Dubai, Taya Cruzz DJ, Anastasia, Model Alex Lebrontorrent, Eve Lubulwa (an Australian Media personality) and many more.

In one of her broadcasts, Judith Heard announced her own skin care line coming up in June, made out of organic natural tress, milk, aloe-vera and honey.

Here are photos from her recent home photoshoot:



Audrey Ninsiima