Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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Kadaga: Parliament is Under Attack

Speaker of Parliament has said that the institution she heads in under attack from the Executive arms of government and the Judiciary.

Earlier this week, the High Court directed MPs to return the Covid cash allocated to them under the pretext that it would help them fight covid19.

Kadaga says it is not the business of the Judiciary to appropriate money for parliament.

“This is now new. A Judge appropriating money from the court? Appropriation is for Parliament….that’s what the Constitution says. But a judge is sitting in court saying now he is appropriating? This is an attack on Parliament by the Executive and the Judiciary,” Kadaga said during a press briefing.

The President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni condemned MPs for allocating themselves money when the country is in a crisis. Museveni said the MPs had thrown themselves into a trap that they could only get out of by giving the money to the district Covid taskforce.

Kadaga, however, says MPs should use the MPs to only adhere to the guidelines that I gave them on how to expend the 20m that each received.

Kadaga says the court ruled on a non-existent case because MPs Gerald Karuhanga and Jonathan Odur had withdrawn their case against parliament regarding the money.