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Court Stays Eric Sakwa Interdiction

The High court in Jinja has issued an interim order stopping the eviction of the Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Eric Sakwa from office.

“An interim order is hereby issued restraining the respondents and their agents from evicting or removing the applicant from his office of RDC Jinja District or from interfering with his job, work and function as RDC and his emoluments accruing to his office as RDC pending the final disposal of the application for a temporary injunction,” the interim order read in part.

Similarly, the High court in Jinja has ordered that RDC Sakwa continues to get his salary until a final judgment is made by the court.

Sakwa was arrested and charged on Sunday April 26, for offences ranging from Manslaughter and theft. Sakwa was later on remanded to Kirinya prison until the court granted him bail on April 29.

A few days after Sakwa’s release, he was interdicted and ordered to instantly handover office to allow court to carry out proper investigations into the manslaughter and theft charges against him.

Sakwa through his lawyer’s of Ochieng and Co Advocates ran to court challenging his interdiction.

RDC Sakwa argued that the interdiction letter was written by a one Hajji Yunus Kirunda, the Secretary of the president. Citing that there was no vivid evidence that his appointing authority, the president had okayed the move.

In the same vein, Sakwa said it was wrong to threaten him with interdiction from office yet rules of natural justice and procedure were never applied.

It is against that background that the High court in Jinja quashed the purported interdiction until a final judgment is made by the same court.