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Uganda Records Highest Covid19 Deaths in a Single Day

Uganda has recorded it’s highest number of COVID-19 deaths in a single day, after 10 deaths were reported on Friday by the ministry of health.

This brings the number of recorded deaths in the country to 168 since July 2020 when the country registered its first death due to COVID-19.

The health ministry also reported 283 new COVID-19 cases bringing the cumulative number of cases to 17,431 cases.

This week over 1,174 new COVID-19 cases have been reported. The highest number of community infections in the country are being recorded in Kampala at the moment with an average of 100 cases reported from the district everyday.

According to health experts, this double digit number of deaths is not surprising given the wide spread community infections. They say the higher the number of cases reported, the more deaths are recorded.

Half of all patients who develop severe forms of the disease succumb to it according to doctors from Mulago National Referral Hospital.

Dr. Rose Byanyima, the deputy executive director at Mulago and also the head of the COVID-19 treatment unit says that people need to take precautions and avoid falling sick.

“The more cases we get the more deaths. At a time like this it’s important for people to wear their masks and wash their hands,” said Dr. Byanyima.

This is the second time the country has reported double digit COVID-19 deaths. Earlier this month, the health ministry announced 14 deaths only to reduce the figure days later saying that the figure was not for a single day but rather for several days.