Nancy Kalembe Promises to Compensate LRA War Survivors

Independent Presidential candidate Nancy Linda Kalembe has promised a comprehensive reparation program to survivors of the Lord’s Resistance Army – LRA rebels atrocities.

Kalembe, who, since Tuesday has been meeting small groups of people in Acholi to back up her bid for President in 2021 polls was appalled by the tales of the two-decade long armed rebellion in Northern Uganda.

The LRA guerrilla campaign waged against Uganda of government Since 1987 caused widespread human rights violations; murders, mutilations, rape, torture and abductions. By 2004, the rebels had killed over 100,000 civilians, abducted over 20,000 children and displaced 1.5 million people.

One of the war survivors who preferred anonymity disclosed to Kalembe how he watched his father hacked to death by the rebels in 1988. The survivor pointed out that the perpetrator relinquished rebellion is now being protected by the government.

Kalembe argued that the ruling National Resistance Movement – NRM government under President Yoweri Museveni misplaced resources in tackling the healing of the people from scars of the war.

According to Kalembe, the greatest work that needs to be done in Acholi sub-region is tackling the healing process of families that suffered so that they can find closure to their untold suffering.

Kalembe rallied Acholi people to vote for her during the 2021 polls so that she can mastermind a comprehensive affirmative action to redevelop the region and implement social rehabilitation of and reintegration of war survivors.

She also said being the only female candidate in the presidential race, she is better placed to end President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s 34-year-old dominance through the ballot to ensure a peaceful transition of power.



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