Sale of Pork Banned in Kisoro

Kisoro District officials have banned the movement of pigs and sale of their products in the district, The Tower Post reports.

The ban was announced by the District Veterinary Officer – DVO Dr Herbert Ngabo following the outbreak of the African Swine Fever in the District.

Swine fever is a hemorrhagic disease that affects both pigs and humans.

The disease, according to medical practitioners is very infectious and for any infected animal, it should be slaughtered and its carcus buried or burnt.

Dr. Ngabo said that Swine Fever had been confirmed in Murora and Kanaba Sub Counties after more than 30 pigs died and tests on their bodies tested positive.

“We anticipate that the disease might have been brought from Rwanda by pig farmers who always cross to Uganda through Murora and Kanaba. We are still carrying out investigations to come up with a conclusive report,” he said.

African Swine Fever can be spread through ticks, live or dead pigs and pork products, contaminated feed and by humans.

In fact, humans can carry the virus on their shoes or clothing, which means traveling from a country that has African swine fever to one that does not could lead to new outbreaks without proper biosecurity practices.

Kleive Calvin