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PROFILE: Why Uganda Should Pay Attention to Digital Expert Keem Fame Rich

Keem Fame Rich

There is quite the influx of self-proclaimed digital marketing gurus. Everyone with a Macbook and a next gen phone is quick to label themselves as such. But the results of the work of their hands have, over time, separated the real gurus, from the self-proclaimed. Kajoba Hakim Fame is one such Guru. Kajoba Hakim aka Keem Fame Rich has carved himself a name in the Digital Marketing and Public Relations stratosphere. If you exist online then you probably need digital marketing, especially if you are a business that relies on an online presence, that is why people like Hakim and others like him who create Dynamic Creative Ads for businesses, companies, individuals, etc. are needed in this age.

He has grown from providing digital and Public Relations solutions to Ugandan individuals, to working with internationally acclaimed superstars such as Diamond Platnumz, atop being the most reliable plug for Digital Marketing solutions for many Ugandan musical artistes.

Many Ugandan musical artistes will attest to the fact that their digital presence and revenues have scaled greater heights because of Keem Fame’s planning.

He has worked with renowned musical artistes such as Golden Band, Geofrey Lutaaya, Pallaso, Jose Chameleone, among others.

This website linked up with him to better understand his trade and ambitions.

Who Is Keem Fame Rich?

Born on 16th January 1999 in Kampala, Kajoba Hakim is the founder and CEO of Keem Fame, a 5 year old renowned Digital Marketing and Public Relations firm plying its trade in Uganda and more recently, the United Arab Emirates.

Though renowned for his work in the digital marketing and advertising world, Keem is also a philanthropist through Keem Fame Foundation, a non-profit organization in Uganda.

Keem Fame Rich

Before straightening the course of his journey to just digital and PR, Keem dabbled in music promotion.

Keem holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Makerere University and a Diploma Computer Science from Dubai ITech School

Keem Fame Rich rose to fame for his prowess when it came to growing pages. As an adroit and seasoned web developer, Kim amassed a skillset drawn purely out of the desire to plug into a gap in the music industry.

“Many musical artistes wanted to be like their international counterparts. They wanted to drop songs and monetize them. They didn’t know how to go about managing their socials, and leveraging their fame to create revenue streams off of the various music streaming platforms on the internet. That is where my solutions started gaining momentum,” recounts Keem.

His dream started from a Garage, in 2015. Keem Fame was then, but a mere boutique agency that only he and a handful of friends knew about. Fast forward to 2021 and he has traveled the world. He has set up offices in Dubai, and is in the final processes of setting up his third office in London. He has worked with big superstars across a panoply of Digital Marketing Solutions.

“We are the undisputed kings of SEO, Website Development and Design, Google Display Network and Social Media Buy. We help businesses and individuals amass traffic on their desired platforms and teach them how to monetize that traffic,” explains Keem Fame.

Keem Fame Rich emphasizes that taking brands and businesses to the next level has always been a passion of his, and it was he has entirely sought to do with his work. And businesses are always keen to work with experts, especially if they lack the skills or knowledge themselves when it comes to certain areas of running their company. For example, people can check this out to learn about how Google ranks websites but, unless they are able to understand what they have to do in order to improve their rankings, it will simply be another piece of writing. This information, paired with 10 SEO trends for 2022, and implemented using the right techniques, could also prepare them to stay ahead of the competition.


According to Keem Fame, most people don’t understand how digital works.

“Most people don’t understand what they are paying for. They don’t believe in processes. They think Digital is a shelf commodity that you pay for and take home immediately. Which isn’t the case. They don’t understand the different steps you have to undertake for your advertising to work. They don’t know that success in the digital realm is a combination of various factors which move and evolve by the day. If people can understand that, and the need to listen and do as told by an expert, then things would be a lot easier,” explains Fame.

Keem Fame Rich (R) with a friend


For a person who started out in a Garage in Makindye, Keem Fame has a lot to write in the book of achievements. He has worked with international and local musical artistes.

He has become international and is now being sought after by markets across the continent. He has also set up a charity foundation called Keem Fame Foundation. He is among a few Ugandans with over 1Million followers on Instagram.

The Keemfame.com website is among the most visited business websites in Uganda. This on top of setting up offices in Dubai and planning more in major capitals like London.



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