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South Sudan’s Kiir Receives Report on Extrajudicial Executions in Mayom

Salva Kiir

President Salva kiir has received a report on the recent extra-judicial killing in Unity State, where he is expected to make decision on the matter.

SSPDF Spokesperson, Major General Lul Ruai Koang said, the Assistant Chief of Defence Forces of Operations, Lt. General Thoi Chany has complied the incident report.

“We have taken the first step which was the submission of situation report, compiled by the assistant chief of defence forces of operations who was sent to the area immediately after the commissioner was assassinated,” Lul said.

Early this month, four men believed to be members of the South Sudan People’s Army led by Stephen Buay, were killed by a firing squad, that was recorded and circulated on Meta platforms.

The victims were handcuffed and blindfolded before they were shot dead by soldiers in SSPDF uniforms in a bushy area.

The condemned opposition officers, extradited from Sudan shortly, are accused of killing the Commissioner of Mayom County Chuol Gatluak Manime.

Shortly after the killing of Chuol Gatluak, General Chany was assigned to Mayom County by the SSPDF Headquarters in Juba.

“He (General Chany) came back last week and briefed the leadership, and the high command of the army on the situation in Mayom County as well as submitted the report on the same matter,” said the army spokesperson.

His assignments during his time in Mayom, are not known.

But Major General Lul said it is up to the president to decide what step has to be taken to address the matter.

“The chief of defense forces…. will forward it to the president in his capacity as the commander in chief of the SSPDF so that he make a decision on whether to form an investigation committee or not.”

“Now it’s in the hands of the chief of staff and the commander of the chief they will the determinant of what is going to be done next.”

In a press statement dated the 8th of August, the state government confirmed the arrest of four commanders loyal to Stephen Buay, who were allegedly responsible for the killing of Mayom County Commissioner.

The statement said the individuals were transferred to Unity State, and handed over to the authority, a move Buay condemned.



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