INTERVIEW: Meet American Contemporary Gospel Artist Ivan Beau

Beauchamps Ivan also known as Ivan Beau is an American Contemporary Gospel Artist born in Houston, Texas.

As the youngest of three, his music abilities were crafted while singing in the church and there, they were further developed.

Traveling extensively throughout various continents, Ivan Beau has been graced to sing on platforms where music of all genre have been celebrated.

Delivering a fresh sound, Ivan Beau’s music is charged with drive and charisma. His passion as a vocalist brings energy and inspiration while touching the hearts of millions globally. As an acclaimed songwriter and producer, he expresses his passion through his lyrics and every performance.

When it comes to his musical artistry, Ivan believes and lives by the montra “what comes from the heart reaches the heart”.

Ivan Beau released his highly anticipated single “Wave of Blessings” fall of 2022. His Freshman project is due for release early 2023.

Tower Post Entertainment had an interview with him and here are the excerpts;

Why Gospel?

It was a calling, I am a believer and I love singing music that inspires and moves not just me but thousands of people. The message of Gospel music is a simple yet needed one. It gives and changes lives.

Did you your upbringing influence what you are today?

Most certainly. My family instilled good and Godly values in me. Growing up, Church was a happy place for me. I went every week and sometimes several times a week. I remember always being excited by the choir.

Has your family been supportive of the career path you chose?

Oh yes, they have always pushed and supported my dreams through words of affirmation. They allowed me to participate in anything music related. They were there to encourage me and even put up with me singing around the house, day and night.

Ivan Beau

How was your first time in studio?

My first time in the studio was when I was a teenager. I was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect. When they did the playback and I heard my voice come through the speakers with reverb, I was beyond excited. I knew then, I had what it took to spread joy to many!

What do you do apart from singing?

I am a preacher. Singing gospel music and preaching complement each other well. This is the reason I’m blessed to have such a talent. Sometimes a song is most suitable to express a thought or an emotion and vice versa. It’s like being bilingual (which I am). Preaching and singing allows me the benefit to navigate to where I need to go to convey a message most appropriately.

You are a young handsome man, naturally, society expects you to venture into secular music or a different career, do you ever feel like you ventured into a wrong career.

Absolutely not, I know this world has nothing to offer. I rather know that I have helped to make positive and lasting change in someone’s life rather than giving in to the expectations and demands of those around me.

Does preaching and gospel music bring food on the table?

Yes, it does. In fact, all my needs are met as the Lord sustains me daily. However, for me it’s more of a fulfillment knowing I’m doing his will. This brings me peace and serenity. Since I don’t live an extremely lavish lift, I’m able to accomplish all that I need.

Do you write your own songs, if yes, how do you come up with the lyrics?

I do write my own music. My experience steer my lyrics. I meditate on how I’m feeling and what I want to convey to the listener and from there, I flow with the moment. Writing can’t be rushed and everything may not always rhyme but I write according to what’s being felt. That’s how I express myself. Also, I don’t write thinking of what will be a hit. I write for what will inspire and change lives.

Ivan Beau

As a preacher, how do you go about temptation?

Temptation is everywhere and it’s not easy. I rely on God’s Spirit to give me strength and help me on my daily journey. Without Him, I will be a shipwreck. Also, I try to surround myself with positive and like-minded people.

In Uganda, gospel music has been full of controversies, is it also the same in Europe?

First of all, I don’t believe it’s the music that’s full of controversies, it’s often the artiste. There are different reasons for this. People can be gifted as gospel artists, but still have no conviction about how they live. Also, some are still navigating their way through life and find it difficult to balance the demands of the industry, thus forsaking their personal/individual life. Fame can be blinding to many.

What are your last words to the fans?

I love you my fans, you have been so kind to me, embraced me and have been so supportive of my music. I am excited to be coming to Uganda in a few months. Uganda.. get ready for Ivan Beau!! Please continue to support and follow me as new music is soon to be released.

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