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Minister Opendi to Explain How Damaged Condoms Hit the Market

The state minister of health for general duties, Sarah Opendi promised Parliament on Wednesday that she would address parliament on the issue of Life Guard Condoms that were recalled from the market after the National Drug Authority discovered that two batches were damaged. Opendi explained to parliament on Wednesday that she

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NDA Orders Marie Stopes to Recall 4 Million Life Guard Condoms

Two batches of Life Guard Condoms that were found defective have been recalled out of circulation by the National Drug Authority. The recalled batches have been in circulation for six months. The condoms are said to have had holes while others had burst. The two batches of Life Guard Condoms 19040205 and

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Fake Cancer Drugs Hit Ugandan Market

The National Drug Authority (NDA) has warned the public of two counterfeit cancer drugs that have hit the market. In a statement, NDA spokesman Frederick Ssekyana  said Sutent and Avastin drugs have been on the Ugandan market for an unspecified period of time. The alert was issued after some of the fake

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