10 Signs Your Girlfriend is Seeing Someone Else

You and your girlfriend had a lovely relationship. The word “had” is troubling you and, you have no idea why. You feel there is something terribly wrong with your once happy relationship but, you can’t place your finger on what exactly is not right.

You people still meet up every now and then, talk on the phone but a little irregularly and you are still together. It could well be due to the longer hours of working and the monotonous routine. But you still don’t feel right. You feel that the rapport you shared with your girlfriend is dying. It could well be that she is seeing someone else. You or the relationship no longer interests her.

However, growing indifference are not limited to relationships before marriage. Cases of adultery seem to be a well-known reason that leads to divorce between a married couple. In such cases, an attorney or a mediator (from Miam Direct, for instance) needs to be brought in order to simplify and streamline the divorce process, which can be exhausting. So, if your partner appears to be cheating on you, then it would be better off that you break up with them before you get into a much more committed relationship (marriage) with them.

So, If your girlfriend is really seeing someone else, how are you going to find out what the matter is? If your girl is moving out of the relationship into a new one, she will definitely throw some signs. It is up to you to get the truth out.

1. The Growing Indifference

She is no longer interested in what you do or where the relationship is heading. She just does not converse with you about the relationship. She talks to you but you can feel that indifference in her voice and mannerisms. Even when you make and execute intricate plans for your anniversary or her birthday, she is not appreciative of the effort. You carefully researched gift ideas (probably on websites like www.greatgifts.org), booked a table at her favorite restaurant, and picked out the best outfit you have, only for her to cancel the whole thing last minute. Recurring situations like these could mean that there is something to worry about in such a case. She might not be interested in furthering the relationship and this is a definite sign of it. The better signs are her avoiding discussing any problems or noticing any problems in your relationship. You know now that she is too busy to be concerned about your once-upon-a-time relationship.

2. Maintaining Secrecy

Has your girlfriend become very secretive lately? Has she all of a sudden stopped taking calls in front of you? If she is avoiding taking calls or sending messages, there is something she is hiding. Another sign of her moving out of the relationship is when she stops you from using her phone or reading her messages. Hiding is a good enough sign of there being someone else in her life.

3. The Communication Break

Where once your girlfriend used to pester you every now and then with a message or a call just to say hi or hear your voice, today she makes no such efforts and you know the worst thing is true. Communication is a good enough sign of there being issues between partners. Even though you used to get irritated with her continuous calls, you enjoyed the attention. The attention that was once yours could be someone else’s now and the break in communication is suggesting just that.

4. The Criticisms

During the good times of your relationship, your girlfriend used to criticize every habit of yours. In fact, you two would fight over the smallest of matters. How you miss those criticisms and the fights! Now your girlfriend does not shout at you for your faults. In fact, she has accepted them as a part of you and overlooked them. This is a harsh sign of there being a third person in your relationship and, he has taken your girlfriend away from you.

5. Attempts to Stay Fit

Once you are in a relationship it really does not matter if you are fat or thin, your hair is getting grey or falling. You know your partner will accept you as you are. However, we all want our better half to look exactly as they looked during the first date. Some people are aware of this fact and tend to go to the gym or hire a personal trainer Edmonton to be fit. They also try to get rid of their bad habits. For starters, they quit smoking, start eating healthy and sleep on time. Besides this, they might even go the extra mile and refer to something similar to Kintsugi Hair reviews to have proper hair volume. Not to forget they frequently dress well to look charming. That said, when your girlfriend starts off on a gym and diet regime, it is either that she wants to grab your attention, or that she is interested in someone else. The sudden change in her attitude towards her fitness and body shape could suggest something going completely wrong in your relationship. Take this sign as the damaging instant of your relationship.

6. The new look

You had long since stopped looking at how her appearances are or the way she dresses. All that mattered to the two of you was the togetherness. All of a sudden when her own appearances start mattering to her, you should consider this as a matter of concern. An entire new wardrobe, a few visits to the parlor, and a new haircut all symbolize a new person in your girlfriend’s life. This is the person you need to beware of.

7. Caught the Lie

Did she lie that she would be in her apartment all day and you found her in the nearby mall having ice cream? Has this happened more than once? If the answer to these questions is a definite yes, then you should start looking out of this relationship. This is definitely going towards a dead end.

8. Frequent Girl Night Outs

The weekend was your time, a time when you stayed over with each other and had a cozy romantic time. Suddenly these weekends seem to be turning into her girl night outs and she is avoiding being with you, this means she is definitely not interested in you. Whether she is seeing someone else or not is debatable but, she certainly does not wish to spend that time with you.

9. Longer Work Hours

This is another debatable factor. She is investing in longer work hours, in fact, she is turning out to be a workaholic. This could be due to her interest in her colleague or genuine work pressure. The second one could not be possible every day and that too all of a sudden. So don’t look out for hopeful signs, it is definite that your girlfriend is seeing someone else.

10. The End of Physical Relations

You two used to cuddle up and snuggle in one blanket regularly. Your expression of love was deeper when you made love to each other. If your girlfriend suddenly wishes to avoid physical relations and just stay together without hugging and snuggling, you know there is something to fear. There could be two reasons for avoiding the physical part: either you no longer charm her in bed or she has found someone else to be happy in bed with. Whatever it is, you are the one losing out.

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