Six Naked Lies Men Tell Women, Girlfriends  

You have heard what women say: “all” men are liars! Well, not all men tell lies but a good majority do. Here we list the commonest lies he is likely to tell you.

  1. I love you: Some men, at first, do not love – not in the first months of the relationship. But they will tell you “I love you” to melt your knees and “chew” your “goodies”.
  2. You are the only one: He has told you this and you later realize he is seeing many more – the size of a whole tribe. Men!
  3. I’m single: And you believe this on the onset, like the dude has been waiting for you? Are you the virgin Mary?
  4. Lies during intercourse: There are three common ones: I will just put in the tip of *** (Just know you’re finished if you swallow this naked lie). The other lie is: let me just touch, I won’t do nothing. Sister, you’re not a stone.
  5. I am the best man you’ll ever sleep with: Wait when he snores in “it”.
  6. I’ve lots of money: He tells you this while chasing but reality soon hits you when you realize he’s been a jobless graduate for a decade now.


Marion Ayebazibwe