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South Sudan Defense Minister Angelina Teny Speaks Out on Extrajudicial Executions in Mayom

South Sudanese Defence Minister Angelina Jany Teny

South Sudanese Minister of Defense Angelina Jany Teny has strongly condemned the recent extrajudicial execution of unarmed rebels belonging to opposition outfit South Sudanese People’s Movement – SSPM in Mayom County of Unity State.

Four SSPM rebels were arrested on Sunday in Sudan and handed over to the South Sudanese People’s Defense Force – SSPDF. They were accused of having orchestrated an attack that killed the Commissioner of Mayom County, Chuol Gatluak Manime along with 12 others last month.

In Mayom, three of the rebels were executed by firing squad while one (Brig. Gen. Gatluak Majiok) was tied up and burnt alive. All the executions were recorded on video and the video was posted on Social Media sparking anger among citizens.

Minister Angelina who is also the wife of South Sudanese First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar condemned the act saying it is unacceptable and not tolerated in the South Sudanese Army.

“The order didn’t come from the Ministry of Defense and SSPDF. We have military justice. When someone is arrested as a culprit, due process takes place. They investigated, tried and trial passes the judgement,” she said.

“We don’t do summary execution. It’s not justice, it is unacceptable, not tolerated and is condemned,” she added.

Michael Makuei, South Sudanese Minister of Information said that the perpetrators of the acts will be hunted down and used as an example for anyone who plans to take the law in their hands.

“As a government, action will be taken against those who committed the atrocity. They will be apprehended and brought to book,” Makuei said.

“We need to tell those who took the law into their hands that we are a country governed by law and as such, we must respect all the laws that are prevailing,” he added.



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