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Nobert Mao Denounces Violence, Calls for Peaceful Transition of Power

Norbert Mao, the Democratic Party (DP) presidential candidate has denounced violence and pleaded for a peaceful transition of power in Uganda. Mao said that all voters should stand against the violence that leads to bloodshed and instead embrace a peaceful transition of government from the current leadership of Uganda to a

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Political Parties Prepare for Special Interest Group Elections

With Just a few days to the elections of the special interest leaders, political parties have geared up the process of nomination and grooming of their special interest candidates. According to the revised national electoral roadmap, the nomination of candidates for committees of village special interest groups comprising the elderly, persons

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Nambooze Hits Back at Mao, Mbidde: Expel Me if You Want

The self-styled president of “Bad DP”, a Democratic Party (DP) faction, Betty Nambooze has reacted to party president Norbert Mao’s declaration her planned Buganda Conference as illegal. Nambooze, the party vice president for Buganda, had invited Mao for a DP Buganda conference slated for March 30 at Nsambya Sharing Hall to

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Mao and Nambooze

EXCLUSIVE: More Trouble for DP as Nambooze “Snatches” Senior Party Leaders from Mao

The Democratic Party (DP) is sinking further with internal wrangles dividing the party into two hostile factions, the “good DP” of party president Nobert Mao and the “Bad DP” led by party vice president for Central Buganda and Mukono municipality MP Betty Nambooze. The “good DP” term was coined by President

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How 37 Forgotten EALA Losers Performed: Five Candidates Got No Vote

When Uganda’s Parliament picked the nation’s nine representatives to regional assembly, the East African Legislative Assembly, all the eyes were on the winners and one loser: opposition strongwoman Ingrid Kamateneti Turinawe. The winners were: former internal affairs minister Rose Akol; former Kakuuto County MP Mathias Kasamba; policy analyst Paulo Mwasa Musamali,

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